Sample projects

We are pleased to provide a selection of our projects which demonstrate our capabilities across a range of sectors.

Client: London Borough of Wandsworth, 2013 - 2016

PSI were commissioned to provide the local area with support to implement the Children and Families Act (England) 2014 special educational needs and disability (SEND) reforms. Input was provided to establish the approach to delivering the statutory requirements of the reforms, manage the change process and set up relevant evaluative measures.

Key areas addressed included development of shared aims and principles to underpin a different approach; moving to a person-centred model of assessment and support with children, young people and parents/carers crucially involved in all steps of the process; a review and redevelopment of local guidance and documentation; review and development of services support for 16 – 25 year olds and carrying out a summative multi – agency self evaluation of achievements against the agreed principles and requirements of the legislation.

Client: London Borough of Camden

PSI were commissioned by Camden to provide strategic support during a period of organisational and service redesign for key children’s services.

The main areas of focus included:

  • the reorganisation of psychology and SEND services
  • equalities impact assessments,
  • development of alternative models of service delivery and organisational structures,
  • review and revision of service level agreements with the local authority and other client groups,
  • coproduction of key documentation to support service evaluation and embedding of the SEND reforms, for example, development of an approach to self evaluation for the psychology service, guidance for educational settings outlining expectations of their practice in relation to identification, assessment and meeting additional needs, case study examples of good practice across local schools in supporting those with additional needs.

Client: Hounslow Education Improvement Partnership (HEIP), 2014 – 2015

The HEIP is a consortium of head teachers from across Hounslow schools. Hounslow in common with many areas across the UK will have a shortage of secondary school places within the next few years. PSI worked together with the group to draft and submit a proposal to the DfE for a new non – denominational secondary school for the Borough. The bid was successful.

The application process involves consideration of local parental demand for a school; pupil place planning; location; local partnerships; development of a vision and proposed ethos for the school; approaches to pedagogy, pastoral and individual support and construction of the curriculum and range of accreditations.

Client: Slough Borough Council, 2014

Consultancy services were provided to assist the Council with the review, redesign and reorganisation of its behaviour support services. The project was carried out in close cooperation with the assistant director of children’s services; the behaviour support service; HR; finance and legal teams and Head teachers and governors of the local pupil referral units and schools supporting social, emotional and mental health needs.

The range and nature of the services provided were reviewed and sensitive analysis of the most effective future location for their delivery carried out.  Value for money issues were important as well as pupil perceptions of the location of the support they might receive and knowledge of the evidence base for effective delivery of behavioural and emotional support for children and young people and their families.

Client: Lind Associates

Lind Associates and PSI worked together more than 5 years ago to design and deliver what has become a successful BTEC award for SEN casework officers. The award is accredited by Pearson and available to all officers within a local authority working in the SEN teams. The SEN teams are front line staff working with and providing support to parents/carers whose children have very complex additional needs requiring multi agency statutory assessment. Without this qualification, the officers have no obvious career progression or professional recognition of their work.

Client: Peterborough City Council

The Council engaged PSI to provide strategic support for the development of new systems and working practices in the SEN and Inclusion services to enable and evaluate the success of implementation of the SEND reforms.

The consultancy was extended to include agreeing the approach to and undertaking the first Local Area self-evaluation against the requirements of the SEND Code of Practice and locally agreed good practice principles. An annual review cycle with associated monitoring and governance arrangements was set up. The second review and construction of an outcomes focused action plan that will ensure effective embedding of the legislation took place in the Autumn of 2017.